Mysticism Blog: Are you on the path of mysticism?

I think it is quite possible to be consciously on the path of mysticism, open to direct, unmediated experiences and the presence of unfathomable mystery, a mystery beyond name and form, dogma, philosophy or set of rituals.  Andrew Harvey wrote: “…what any authentic mystical opening brings us is a sense of wonder, a freedom from […]

Mysticism Blog: Are you a seeker of Ultimate Mystery?

Are you familiar with the concept of Centering Prayer? Father Thomas Keating,  Founder of  Contemplative Outreach, along with several others developed the modern form of Christian contemplative prayer which they called Centering Prayer. A Catholic cleric, he is steeped in mysticism and offers wonderful insights in his many books. His life is a testament to […]

Mysticism Blog: Ideas of Destiny?

Ideas of destiny belong in a mysticism blog. That’s for sure. What do you think about destiny? Do you believe that your path is pre-determined? Do you have free will? Is there an interaction between those two? What is it? Great questions! Only you have the answers. Sorry. Finding them requires sitting in Soul Solitude […]

Mysticism Blog: Rumi’s expression of Oneness

Rumi, beloved Sufi poet from the twelfth century, expresses love for the Divine as love for another human. That’s why people choose to read his work at weddings and other celebrations of love. Today’s mysticism blog post offers an insight into the true blessing of his work. A mystic, Rumi, offers a vivid insight into […]

Mysticism Blog: A Spiritual Universe

When I think of the idea of “this world,” I think of the material sense of things, the things we comprehend through our senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.  The spiritual universe is beyond this. We can now, more easily than at any other time in history, accept the idea that there really […]

Mysticism Blog: Why Everyday Mysticism?

Mysticism is a way of living in the world, a way of relating to all that is.  It is not a a study, but rather, an experience. It is living knowing that God is at the very center of your being. God is your individual consciousness and our opportunity is to choose to see God-expressing […]