a view from space starscapeWhen I think of the idea of “this world,” I think of the material sense of things, the things we comprehend through our senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.  The spiritual universe is beyond this.

We can now, more easily than at any other time in history, accept the idea that there really is no physical body and no physical universe. What is called matter is mind. Scientists talk about it. Theologians talk about it. Metaphysicians talk about it. Mystics talk about it.

“We are in the golden age where science and religion must come together in the realization that the real world is a world of Spirit, of Consciousness, and that Consciousness is really the principle of life. This universe is a projection of Consciousness, and your world and mine are of the nature of our state of consciousness. …our world is exactly the measure of divine Consciousness that we can realize.”  ~ Joel S. Goldsmith, Living Between Two Worlds, p. 136

When we can recognize the spiritual nature and identity of every individual, see them as God-expressing rather than in physical form, we have dominion. Our world is transformed and we have dominion over the material world–error, illness, and even death.  Nothing can limit you when you know this about yourself and others.

There is no power that can limit the I that you are. Face life with the realization that there is no evil, not in people, not in circumstances. All there is, is a physical finite sense of God, man, and the universe. Stay in that consciousness.

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