Joel S. Goldsmith

Spiritual Wisdom, Quotations from Joel S. Goldsmith, 1892-1964, a monumental teacher of practical mysticism, devoted most of his life to the discovery and teaching of spiritual principles which he founded and called “The Infinite Way.”  He traveled the world as a teacher and healer. His work has been transcribed and compiled into more than forty books.

“The kingdom of God does not deal with something separate and apart from living. The kingdom of God concerns itself with our daily life. It is not meant to take us out of the world, but rather to leave us in the world, separate and apart from its negative aspects.”

Living Between Two Worlds, p. 3

“Whatever you release, you are released from. What you cling to is that which binds you. You are your own liberator. If you cannot accept spiritual principles as they have been revealed by the mystics, you cannot come into the fullness of mystical life, which is a life of freedom.”

The Foundations of Mysticism, p. 231

“Every time that we have an experience that proves the nonpower of anything to which the world give power, we are not only lessening the universal belief, but we are making it possible for somebody, somewhere, to pick up what ewe have loosed into consciousness.

…The Infinite Way is one of the first of the purely mystical teachings of modern days. It is enlightened consciousness appearing in human experience as the consciousness of those individuals ready for it. But an activity of God, Truth revealing Itself in human consciousness, could not be limited to the few who write or read its message. Actually, we are but transparencies through which this message much reach the entire world.”

Living Now, pp. 169-70

“The secret of harmonious living is the development of spiritual consciousness. In that consciousness, fear and anxiety disappear, and life becomes meaningful with fulfillment as its keynote.

…There is a specific practice which will aid in the attainment of this spiritual consciousness. It is a practice which can be carried on throughout the day as the world crowds in upon us, reminding us that we need this or that. To every such insistent demand, let our answer be: “No, no. This is not what I need or want. Thy grace is my sufficiency, nothing else–not money, not marbles, only Thy grace.” Let us learn to hold to that resolutely. If the need seems to be railway fare, rent, clothing, housing or health, let us steadfastly acknowledge that our only need is His grace.

~  Practicing the Presence, pp. 15-16