EM-finalMysticism is a way of living in the world, a way of relating to all that is.  It is not a a study, but rather, an experience. It is living knowing that God is at the very center of your being. God is your individual consciousness and our opportunity is to choose to see God-expressing in each person, in every circumstance.

We reflect on and open ourselves to the awareness of God’s presence in our lives through contemplation and meditation. And, we do it throughout the day. Short meditations to realize the Presence, to sit, fall silent and listen. Two minutes many times a day works well. Longer periods work well.

I’ve spoken to so many groups about these things and one of the most frequent questions about and inherent resistances to meditation is about the time it takes:

How do you find the time?”

“I don’t have time in my day for that.”

Actually we all do. Who doesn’t have the time to take two minutes every hour or so to return to the Quiet. Even the busiest person can do that, if they want to.

So, Everyday Mysticism. I chose the name for three reasons:

  1. This extraordinary practice can become a way of life, not out of the ordinary to you at all. It’s just your straightforward, everyday, kind of thing you do!

  2. It is not something you need anything special in order to do it. No special room, blanket, candle, music, posture or position is required. Just sit and open yourself to the connection, the awareness that “God is on the field” as the mystic, Joel S. Goldsmith so frequently said.

  3. Mysticism is a direct experience of God.  You can have that everyday.

So, there, it is simple. Everyday Mysticism.

I look forward to sharing insights, ideas and inspirations with you.  I hope you’ll respond with your thoughts here on the mysticism blog.

Walk in Oneness and Wonder today.