Reflection Nebula NGC 1999.Ideas of destiny belong in a mysticism blog. That’s for sure. What do you think about destiny?

Great questions! Only you have the answers. Sorry.

Finding them requires sitting in Soul Solitude frequently.

Sitting quietly. Falling silent. Being. Just being. Not only is this a fine thing to do every day–or frequently throughout the day, it is the only way to hear/get/sense/feel what is available to you. And, that includes your understanding of destiny, free will and purpose.

Sure, others can offer you their answers, but their answers are not your answer. They may provide helpful insights into their own experience, but only you know what is right for you.

Free will, destiny and purpose are often spoken about in mystical terms, as callings. What is your calling in life. Do you know? You likely have more than one. Some say your calling is the intersection of your gifts, talents and resources.  Others say that this is your unique contribution to serving the life of the world.  To reflect on this is another reason to sit in Soul Solitude[ref] I mentioned this book in a previous blog and you can learn more in the sidebar to the right. The term refers to the quiet sitting spoken of in our book.[/ref] often.

Here’s a poem from Chief Leon Shenandoah that speaks to today’s question:

Everything is laid out for you.
Your path is straight ahead of you.
Sometimes it’s invisible but it’s there.
You may not know where it’s going,
But you have to follow that path.
It’s the path to the Creator.
It’s the only path there is.

[ref]Andrew Harvey, The Essential Mystics, p. 6[/ref]
Do you know where you’re going and what is laid out straight in front of you? Do you know who you are and how you live in alignment and integrity with your values, vision, beliefs and purpose each day?

Reflection required? Soul Solitude can help.

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