Beautiful nature backgroundI think it is quite possible to be consciously on the path of mysticism, open to direct, unmediated experiences and the presence of unfathomable mystery, a mystery beyond name and form, dogma, philosophy or set of rituals.  Andrew Harvey wrote:

“...what any authentic mystical opening brings us is a sense of wonder, a freedom from time’s fury and anxiety, and a growing revelation of a far larger and more marvelous universe and a far vaster Identity than anything we could begin to intuit with our ordinary senses and consciousness. When we are touched by mystic grace and allow ourselves to enter its field without fear, we see that we are all parts of a whole, elements of an universal harmony, unique, essential, and sacred notes in a divine music that everyone and everything is playing together with us in God and for us.” [1. Andrew Harvey, The Essential Mystics, p. xi]

The path of mysticism is an individual journey towards some measure of conscious awareness of God. It involves living a greater and greater portion of one’s experience in the Presence of Oneness.  A mystic is one who is prepared to be an instrument of expression or fulfillment for God’s purpose. Is that you?

Prayer, for the mystic, is only a means for elevating oneself to that state of consciousness in which one can be receptive to the activity of God, or an instrument for the activity of God. There is nothing to ask for except, perhaps, for the realization of the presence of God at all times. That prayer or treatment can take any form. The moment, though, that prayer is used to enlighten or influence God, it is amiss. After all, how can one say that God is omniscient and then have to tell It what’s up and what’s needed?

Each prayer represents one’s state of consciousness at a given moment.  Mystics do not go to God to meet their needs: They go to seek God–period, end of story. They do not seek the realization of God for some purpose. They seek the realization of God–period. That’s where the miracles begin!

It would be a good start to think:

“There is nothing I want, so I am just going to sit here and be at peace–rest in Him/Her/It and be still. I sit in receptivity.” 

That points you to the path of mysticism.