There are many forms, many teachers, many approaches and many judgments about meditation.

No matter where someone or some teaching of meditation tells you to put your body, eyes, breath, or attention, no matter whether music, candles, silence, incense, or mantras are suggested, the one constant is to become receptive to the “still, small voice.”

M.M. Devi has studied with many masters and traditions. She invites you to forget the search to “do it right.” In her opinion, there is no “right”.  Simply make time, sit, fall silent, and listen.

zen stones with leavesHere are some thoughts from those who have gone before us to help: 

“…we must have several periods of time in which there is no desire other than the joy of communion with God. It is in this complete stillness and respite from thinking that the Father takes over in our experience.

Before we can enter the mystical life, the habit of continuously thinking and talking must be transformed into the habit of continuously listening.

…It is in developing that listening ability and receptivity that the human mind is quieted and becomes stilled to such a degree that it is an avenue or instrument through which God manifests and expresses Itself.

…Thinking is an initial step leading toward meditation. Let us supposed that we are not advanced to the place where we live in a constant state of receptivity. True, God is always uttering His voice, but we are not always listening. Thought may be used to help us reach that exalted state of listening, consciousness, but in meditation no thought should be used in the sense of an affirmation or denial.

…pursue the way with steadfastness and unswerving purpose.”

~ Joel S. Goldsmith, The Art of Meditation, pp. 57-59