Greek Mysticism

Greek Mysticism is the Way of Beauty.

 “The Greeks gave us the very word for mysticism. The Greek word MUO means, “to shut the eyes or mouth.” MUO is closely related to the verb MUEO, “to initiate into the mysteries.” The closed eyes and mouth in this context do not signify blindness or muteness, but secrecy and silence, and the order not to reveal the secrets of the initiation and revelation that one had received. These Greek root-words have given us “mystic” and “mysticism,” “mystery” and “mysterious,” as well as “mute.” Every time we talk about mysticism we speak a bit of Greek.”  ~ Hannah M.G. Shapero


Heraclitus says that the Universe is divisible and indivisible, generated and ungenerated, mortal and immortal, Word and Eternity, Father and Son, God and Justice.

Listening not to me but to the account, it is wise to agree that all things are one, says Heraclitus. That everyone is ignorant of this and does not agree he states as follows; They do not comprehend how, in differing, it agrees with itself–a backward-turning connection, like that of a bow and a lyre…

That the universe is a child and an eternal king of all things for all eternity he states as follows: Eternity is a child at play, playing draughts: the kindgom is a child’s.

That the father of everything that has come about is generated and ungenerated, creature and creator, we hear him saying: War is father of all, king of all: some it shows as gods, some as men; some it makes slaves, some free….

That God is unapparent, unseen, unknown to men, he says in these words: Unapparent connect is better than apparent–he praises and admires the unknown and unseen part of his power above the known part.

~ Hippolytus, from Refutation of All Heresies


Honor the highest thing in the Universe; it is the power on which all things depend; it is the light by which all of life is guided. Honor the highest within yourself; for it too is the power on which all things depend, and the light by which all life is guided.

Dig within. Within is the wellspring of Good; and it is always ready to bubble up, if you just dig.

You have seen a hand, a foot, or perhaps a head severed from its body and lying some distance away. Such is the state a man brings himself to–as far as he is able–when he refuses to accept what befalls him, breaks away from helping others, or pursues self-seeking action. You become an outcast from the unity of Nature; though born of it, your own hand has cut you from it. Yet here is the beautiful proviso: it lies within your own power to join Nature once again. God has not granted such a favor to any other part of creation: to return again, after having been separated and cleft asunder.

O Universe, all that is in tune with you is also in tune with me! Every note of your harmony resonates in my innermost being. For me nothing is early and nothing is late, if it is timely for you. O Nature, all that your seasons bring is fruit for me. From thee come all things; in thee do all things live and grow; and to thee do all things return….

Waste no more time talking about great souls and how they should be. Become one yourself!

~ Marcus Aurelius, from Meditations