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If one is living spiritually, harmony is demonstrated. ~ Joel S. Goldsmith

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Mystical experience is always available. It is divine grace. Anyone who truly desires it can find it. We are all given glimpses into a sense of wonder, a suspension of time and anxiety, and into a growing revelation of a much larger and more amazing universe and a far greater Identity than that we can grasp with our ordinary senses and consciousness.

“When we are touched by mystic grace and allow ourselves to enter its field without fear, we see that we are all parts of a whole, elements of an universal harmony, unique, essential and sacred notes in a divine music that everyone and everything is playing together with us in God and for God. And if we work patiently with what we come to know, through prayer and meditation and loving services to other beings, we will, all the traditions promise us, come to understand what Christ meant when he said, ‘The Kingdom of heave is within you,’ and what Sultan Valad, Rumi’s son, is trying to transmit to us when he writes, ‘A human being must be born twice. Once from his mother and again from his own body and his own existence. The body is like an egg and the essence of man must become a bird in that egg through the warmth of love, and then he must go beyond his body and fly in the eternal world of the soul.'”  ~ Andrew Harvey,*[ref]The Essential Mystics, p. xi[/ref]

What if you were to accept that God is your individual consciousness? That would make it possible to sit as comfortably, joyously and confidently as a baby sitting in its loving mother’s arms with no need to ask for anything, nor tell its mother of its needs. The mother simply provides.

When you see God as your own consciousness you are lifted into an abiding state of peace, into an attitude and altitude that enables you to relax and rest because you know that God is your consciousness and there is no other.  There is that essential Oneness.

Resting in that knowledge of God as your consciousness, you will realize that true nature, without words or thoughts. 

Consciousness knows your every need.

Enjoy your soul solitude, your  meditation.
Sit quietly. Fall silent. Listen.