Rumi thinkingRumi, beloved Sufi poet from the twelfth century, expresses love for the Divine as love for another human. That’s why people choose to read his work at weddings and other celebrations of love. Today’s mysticism blog post offers an insight into the true blessing of his work.

A mystic, Rumi, offers a vivid insight into the rigor and splendor of the mystical life. Through this, we glimpse the immense force of love that comes from that understanding.  Even when people read Rumi and think he is talking about the love of one person for another, they are unconsciously absorbing the greater Reality on other levels.  I hope so, for it is beautiful.

Rumi, in the Rubaiyat, expresses that Oneness:

When Love is in me, I am One with Love
The lightning when I say your name
I roam a dazzled drunkard in our dimension
Where each event is secret laughter

The image in the mirror seems different
But sublime days arrive when you know
viewer, image, and mirror are one: the same
Silent calm eternal shimmering….

The law of Wonder rules my life at last
I burn each second of my life to love
Each second of my life burns out in love
In each leaping second love lives afresh

Isn’t that lovely? What a delightful way to live “in each leaping second love lives afresh!”  For mystics of all traditions in my readings, this is the ultimate joy, the greatest experience: realization of the Presence of God in the moment and living with that sense of freshness, joy and renewal.

Try that on this day, and walk clothed in wonder.

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